August 24, 2012

Did You Miss Me?

I've been mostly M.I.A. recently, but it was for good reasons. August is usually a pretty busy/crazy month for my family, but it was even more so this year. Here's a glimpse into what August had/has in store for me this year:
  • My birthday
  • Our wedding anniversary
  • My husband's birthday
  • My shop featured HERE
  • My husband slammed with work and gone the whole month
  • Living like a single mom (with all the duties that go along with it)
  • A teething 14-month-old (molars!)
  • Trying to spend time with my next to youngest sister before she goes off to college
  • Working on shop stuff
  • Our neighbors moving - We have a shared driveway and have to deal with the movers, workers, stagers, realtors, house shoppers, etc. outside our front door and blocking our garage and driveway.
  • Cousin's baby shower
  • Wedding dress shopping with another sister
  • A family reunion
  • Blah, blah, blah
It's been an exciting month so far, but I am looking forward to life slowing down a little bit.


  1. Wow! All sounds very busy, hope September is a little calmer for you :)

    Best wishes

    The Dorothy Days X

  2. Sounds like you REALLY had your hands full in August! Here's to a slightly more relaxes September :)


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