August 19, 2012

My Birthday & A Blog Feature!

So . . . it's my birthday!  This is the beginning of my yearly "Three Day Celebration." Today is my birthday, tomorrow is my wedding anniversary, and the next day is my husband's birthday. Crazy? Maybe. Fun? Definitely!

Also, the planets have aligned, and my shop is featured over at the fAveritte Creations blog today. What a great birthday present! Head on over and check it out.  :)


  1. Happy birthday Jen :) I hope that you have the most amazing day and also happy wedding anniversary and birthday for your husband!! Three days of celebrations sounds like fun, are you doing anything special to celebrate?

    The Dorothy Days Xxx

    1. Hi TDD - Thank you for the wonderful wishes!

      This year has been weird. My husband is an attorney and is currently at trial. He won't be done until the day after his birthday, so we have to postpone celebrating together. I think we're going to plan a trip after it's over. :)

  2. Hi from the Etsy blogging team! First of all Happy Birthday to you and your husband AND Happy Anniversary! How long? That was a wonderful feature! I hope to be featured like that someday. When I saw your Etsy banner on the blog post I did a double take because it looks VERY similar to my other shop's banner :) You have very cute items!


    1. Hi, Jamie! Thanks for stopping by.

      We're celebrating six years of marriage, but we've been together for over 13 years. Man, time flies!

      I checked out the link to your shop, and your right! Our banners do look very similar - love the font. :p

    2. Hi Jen,

      Congratulations! That must feel so special to be with someone for that long!



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