August 31, 2012

Jen's Awesome Chicken Marinade

I've been using this chicken marinade recipe almost every week for over a year, and it still didn't have a proper name. I had it written in my recipe notebook as simply "Chicken Marinade." I used it again last night and I tried to brainstorm a new name. The best I could come up with was "Sweet and Tangy Chicken Marinade." Over dinner I asked my husband what he thought of the name, and he said I should just call it "Jen's Awesome Chicken Marinade," so here it is!

Jen's Awesome Chicken Marinade
Seriously delicious chicken awaits

Jen's Awesome Chicken Marinade

1/4 cup cider vinegar
3 Tbsp course ground or whole grain mustard
3 tsp minced garlic
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 lime, juiced
1/2 lemon, juiced
1 tsp salt
3 Tbsp olive oil
ground black pepper
  1. Add all ingredients to a bowl and whisk together. Cover chicken with the mixture. I like to use a large zippered baggie.
  2. Marinate the chicken for at least two hours before cooking.
  • This recipe makes enough for 6-8 chicken breasts.


  1. This sounds amazing! Marinated grilled chicken is my favorite thing in the world and I could eat it everyday. I could live off that with a big bowl of broccoli.

    I will definitely try this recipe because I love to try new marinades, plus I have all the ingredients on hand now!

    I wish I could grab that piece of chicken off the screen and eat it right now. Looks yummy!


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