January 1, 2014

2014 Craft Challenge and Project List

Happy New Year! I can't believe it is already 2014. Lots of exciting things are going to happen this year. I can feel it!

For me, I know that I'll be having a baby this year! I very anxious to meet our little girl. I know it'll be tiring and exciting to have a newborn again, but I can't wait to see how crazy things actually get and how our Little Man transitions into being a big brother.

I also have a lot of new things planned for my shop, and I have a mega crafty to do list. If you remember, I am a listoholic! Somehow, I didn't do a very good job sticking to my "crafts to make" list last year. Part of the problem is that I'm good at planning projects, getting the materials, and sometime even starting the project. Then, my crafting ADD kicks in, and I find something new that I want to start working on. In the end, I have a handful of complete projects and a bunch of "hibernating" projects waiting to be finished. I don't have any idea how many projects I completed last year, and that makes me sad. As a listoholic, I should have a list of completed projects to marvel at at when the year comes to a close, right?

This year, I'm going to use my love of lists (and especially of crossing things off of lists) and my Internet friends to keep me on track and motivated the whole year long so I can get my crafting goals accomplished! I have a few craft-related goals set for the year, and I'm challenging myself to complete 50 projects in 2014. I don't have all 50 projects planned yet, and the ideas I have now might change, but my list is a very good start (maybe even a little too long for a starter list).

I'll be posting an update on my goals and project challenge progress as each month ends. I can't wait to see my "finished project" list grow as the year goes on.

My 2014 Craft Goals:

  1. Complete 50 projects
  2. Try a new craft (stamp-making)
  3. Build my fabric stash
  4. Organize my crafting supplies and purge what I don't need
  5. Design, stitch, and list two new cross stitch designs a month (crafty business goal)

50 Projects in 2014:

2013 Works In Progress

  • Hand-embroidered ABC Quilt
  • Summer Stitching Club Project
  • 2013 Woodland Sampler
  • Ship in a Bottle Embroidery
  • Crocheted Ripple Blanket
  • Eloise Baby Sweater

Planned New Projects

  • Baby Girl's Tumbler Quilt
  • Little Man's Tumbler Quilt
  • Catvent Quilt
  • Hexie Mini Quilt
  • Quilted Tree Skirt for My Mom
  • Quilted Tree Skirt for Me
  • Triangle Quilt
  • Baby Quilt for My Sister
  • Hello Moon Quilt
  • Autumn Stitching Club Project
  • Winter Stitching Club Project
  • Spring Stitching Club Project
  • 2014 Once Upon a Time Sampler
  • Gathered Fabric Bowls
  • Christmas Stocking for Baby Girl
  • Paint Name Letters for Baby Girl's Room
  • Paint Name Letter for Little Man's Room
  • Needlebooks
  • Needle Minders
  • Hand-carved stamps
  • Flannel Board
  • Felt Play Pieces for Flannel Board
  • Social Tote
Do you have any crafting goals set for 2014? What projects do you have planned?

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