July 22, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

Another busy weekend done.

My husband had to work a lot this weekend (trial starts in a week), so I got to spend a ton of time with Mr. Baby.  :) I managed to be somewhat productive too. I found some felt I've been looking for (for two weeks) in my crafting stash, read a bit in The Handmade Marketplace, and worked on some stuff for the shop.

I finally finished stitching up the last few of my new QR Code pieces and started getting the backs finished. I originally planned to get them all finished and ready to list by the end of the weekend (so today), but I decided at the last minute to take some step-by-step photos of the process I go through to finished the backs of my hoop art so I could share it here. I always forget how much more time a photo shoot takes. Needless to say, I didn't get the backs finished. Boo.

I'm really excited to get these new pieces listed in the shop. Maybe I'll finally get them done and listed tomorrow.

Picture of QR Code ornaments
I swear, these are almost done!

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