July 15, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

I've been behind on posting because I have actually managed to keep myself super busy with productive stuff the past few days. Here are the highlights of my weekend:
  1. Celebrated my dog's 3rd birthday by taking her to the dog park to get some energy out and to the groomer to get a pedicure.
  2. Cleared a bunch of super tall weeds from our front yard. It no longer looks like it's been neglected for three years, and you can see the flowering plants and trees the weeds were blocking now.
  3. Finished stitching some more new QR code cross stitch pieces.
  4. Stretched all of the already stitched pieces I had laying around and started preparing them for finishing the backs.
  5. Finished putting together my new and improved light box. Hopefully this is the winning design.
  6. Took some product pictures using my new light box.
I still have a few more QR codes to stitch up (more color options). Then, I need to stretch, finished, and photograph the new product line. I'm hoping to get the new items in the shop this week. No more slacking!

Picture of a light box photography set up
The final version of my light box (I hope)!
QR code cross stitch pieces
Only 5 more to stitch up

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