July 5, 2012

In Need of a 12-Step Program

I love lists. I'm a master list-maker. If there was a job where all you had to do was make lists and then list out all of the lists you made, I would be a shoe-in. I have lists that have sub-lists. I am addicted to color-coding my lists (which is a sickness itself). I have lists in multiple locations, some of which list the same things as other lists. When Apple added the Reminders app to iPhone, I was excited because I could have all of my lists with me wherever I go.

My top ten best (longest) lists are for:
  • General Crap To Do
  • Things To Buy (separated by store)
  • Things To Return
  • Gift Ideas
  • Crafts To Make
  • Reviews To Write (for Amazon)
  • Blog Posts To Write
  • Deep Cleaning List (separated out by frequency of cleaning - weekly/monthly/seasonally)
  • Home Improvements To Make (separated out by room/zone)
  • My ever-lengthening Shop To Do List.
Whew! Uh oh. I just realized that is another list of lists.  :-/

If only list-making resulted in actually getting stuff done. By the time I pull out my list(s), cross off the very minimal amount of items I have completed and re-evaluate what's left, I don't have time to actually do anything on the list! I think list-making might be the ultimate procrastination technique. You get to put off actually doing work by thinking about all the work you have to do. Maybe it's time for a mid-year resolution.

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