June 3, 2012

Weekend Work In Progress

I keep finding myself getting stuck on new cross stitch patterns. I get an idea, start charting it out, and inevitably get stuck on a minor detail (How big should this part be? What color combo looks best? Where should I put this thingy? etc.). All work stops on that pattern and I end up starting work on another new idea so I can feel productive.

This has been going on since I opened my shop in February. So, four months later, I was looking through my in progress pattern files and realized that I have upwards of twenty patterns I have started but haven't finished.

I'd love for my shop to keep growing, so it would really be nice to get more patterns finished and listed. I am always thinking about how to improve and add to my shop, but the saddest part of this work-halting routine I have gotten myself into is that with so many unfinished patterns, I haven't been able to do the thing I enjoy the most, actually stitching up new pieces.

So, I vow to buckle down and finally finish some of my in progress patterns. I finished charting one yesterday and started stitching it up last night. Here is a sneak peek at my work in progress:

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