June 4, 2012

Food Rut

I'm in a food rut. I get this way every now and then. I'll realize that I've been making the same ten things over and over again, I try some new recipes in hopes of breaking the rut, I find a few I like, and then I end up just making those new recipes over and over again and the rut returns. My husband is probably going nuts with this cycle.

I always seem to get some renewed interest in changing things up and learning new recipes when summer time comes around. Maybe it's weather. Maybe it's the excitement of knowing that the grill is going to be fired up more days than not. Who knows? No matter the reason, I'm ready to get out of this food rut (again). I'll be posting about some of my tried-and-true favorite recipes and some new, trial-run recipes too. Hopefully I find at least a few winners to add to the rotation.

Any suggestions?

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