June 21, 2012

The "C Word"

So . . . the "C Word" has plagued me for years. I don't know why I give it any place in my life and why I can't let go of it.

Clutter! Clutter sucks. I hate clutter. But, I hate thinking about clutter, trying to get rid of clutter, and actively preventing clutter even more. I am the kind of cleaner/organizer that makes semi-organized piles of stuff and then moves that stuff around from room to room and then eventually hides it in a box and hopes it goes away. I would post photos of said clutter, but I can't even bring myself to document its existence (other than in this post).

My In-Laws are visiting for a week and are getting here tomorrow. I have spent the last two days cleaning. Every time I try to get the house cleaned up for company, I wish I were better at keeping things organized and clutter-free! It would be so much easier if the house was cleaner all the time. {If my husband is reading this, he is nodding his head vigorously at this idea.}

What do you do to stay organized and keep clutter under control?


  1. I wish I could say I had my clutter under control, but my fiance is all that holds back the tide of my stuff around here. Having lots of drawers/storage containers for my crafting supplies and fabric has helped a lot, but since I'm not a tidy person by nature it only goes so far. My fiance recently bought me a tackle box to store my jewelry supplies in though, which has been quite handy.

    1. I may just have to give up! I am really organized when it comes to list-making, color-coding, and making spreadsheets for everything under the sun, but I can't manage to have a clean, clutter-free house. Every time I clean and organize things, I can't find anything anymore.

      I have a ton of storage containers for all my crafting stuff, so it's sort of an "organized chaos." Although, I'm sure my husband wouldn't agree.


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