March 23, 2013

New Rule

I've been having issues with my crafty to do list just growing and growing. It's now bulging at the seams! I have so many projects that I want to work on, but "no time" to do everything.

There are tons of legitimate non-crafty tasks that consume much of my day (running around after a toddler, working out, cooking, cleaning {sometimes}, grocery shopping, business stuff, etc.). Even though I have legitimate time-consuming things to do, I also know that I waste way too much time on random time-sucks, like Pinterest (finding more things to add to my crafty to do list!) and watching TV - usually those two together.

I know I can't give myself crafting deadlines or schedule specific times to craft each day, but I did institute a new rule for myself. If I'm watching TV, I have to be doing something crafty (or for my shop) at the same time. Out with surfing Pinterest and stalking people on Facebook. In with sewing, designing, cross stitching, blogging, sketching, etc.

If I can hold myself to my new rule, I should be able to get more crafting done, finish new designs for the shop more quickly, and be better about blogging more frequently.

I'm watching TV and blogging right now, so I guess that's a good start!  :)


  1. I think that is great because my TV is right next to me when I am on the computer so it keeps me company when I am here working away. There is always things to do and it really is learning to get organized even i have a hard time with keeping a schedule so totally understand!

  2. An excellent rule! One which I too follow, to an extent. I like to have the tv on for something to listen to, rather than watch. I make a point of crafting at the same time. I save my Pinterest til evenings, after my little one has gone to bed. My problem is going onto the computer to update my blog or website and finding I've been sitting on Facebook for the last hour...

    1. That is my problem exactly!

      I wait for my little one to be in bed so I have uninterrupted time to work/craft. I am usually only half-watching the TV and plan work on other things. I'm hoping I can shift the "other things" to more crafty ventures instead of Facebook and Pinterest. It's so hard!


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